How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Have you ever made the mistake of hiring someone who's not right for the organization? The cost of a bad hire can be quite astronomical; there's the cost of the onboarding process, the recruitment process, and employee training.  Making a bad hire can not only impact your revenue but it will also impact your clients... Continue Reading →

Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

Finding the perfect candidate is never easy. The hiring process can be both demanding and time-consuming for many hiring managers. Hiring the wrong person can be excessively costly for an organization, which is why you must make sure your hiring process runs smoothly. Every new employee can add value to your organization and contribute to... Continue Reading →

How To Fix a Toxic Work Environment

A healthy work environment is crucially important to the wellness and success of a company. When employees are happy with the environment, their well-being and productivity will most definitely increase. Promoting a safe and healthy culture, can increase  employee morale which can positively impact your business. When your workers are happy, they will be motivated... Continue Reading →

Cool Features To Look Out For in ZenHR

An HRMS like ZenHR can significantly transform and change the way your organization operates. Using our software will allow you to make strategic decisions that will have a positive impact on your business. If you’ve requested a demo and worked your way through ZenHR’s features, then you’re probably glad you made the switch from HR... Continue Reading →

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